Bun BydaWay & Nebo Bandovic say It’s Time To Call “Impossible” Just An Opinion

Bun BydaWay & Nebo Bandovic went from humble beginnings to millionaire entrepreneurs. It was during his teenage, when Bun BydaWay decided to break out of a vicious cycle and lead a purposeful life. Nebo Bandovic went from growing up in Yugoslavia without a bathroom to living the high life in Miami as a real estate developer. Both of these magnates overcame insurmountable odds to achieve tremendous success, proving that anyone who calls this feat impossible is simply expressing a negative opinion.

Russel Monroe, aka Bun BydaWay, vowed to turn his life around during his last prison sentence. Poker, a skill and hobby learned in prison, became BydaWay’s first step to a better life. Winning big in major tournaments after his release gave him the starting capital to build his empire. Today, Bun BydaWay has a net worth of $8 million stemming from his luxury car rental business, real estate investments, recording studio, and live entertainment company.

One might say this outcome would be impossible for a man who has been incarcerated several times and spent years on probation. Bun BydaWay has proven these skeptics wrong as he continues to build his empire while advocating for prison reform and entrepreneurial possibilities for people who made mistakes as youngsters.

Nebo Bandovic came to the United States to play soccer. He didn’t speak English and had less than $10 to his name. While he did become a star soccer player, including being named MVP of an All-Star game in Portland in 1996, Bandovic made his fortune in real estate. Today, he is a real estate veteran licensed in New York, Florida, and Texas.

Inspired to get into this industry by its potential for passive income and financial freedom, Bandovic remained successful even when the market took a downturn thanks to rental properties. His real estate company oversees 621 agents, but the goal is to grow to over 1,000. Impossible is nothing more than an opinion to this motivated immigrant who made it big in the high-stakes world of real estate.

Bun BydaWay and Nebo Bandovic have the mindset that the concept of the impossible should be nothing more than an opinion. One is a model of redemption, and the other is the epitome of the American dream. While both of these entrepreneurs faced overwhelming odds, they defied them with determination and an unshakeable mindset. No critic was going to get in the way of these gentlemen living better lives.


Reference: https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/bun-bydaway-nebo-bandovic-say-its-time-call-impossible-just-opinion-1693501

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